Yes, calories will always be the numbers that affect your weight in either positive or negative way. However, keep in mind that not all calories are the same. Different foods go through varying metabolic passageways in the body. Some foods do get digested and absorbed quickly, whereas there are some that do stay in the body for extended periods of time. Some foods are vital for weight loss, whereas there are some consumables that don’t do anything but add to your weight.

If you’re looking for foods that are easy to digest, healthy to your system, and aids in weight loss, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 3 of the many weight loss-friendly foods that you should never run out of stock in your kitchen.

Whole Eggs

Eggs were once feared for having high cholesterol content. However, whole eggs are a different story and are now making a dire comeback into the health and fitness scene. There are studies that show whole eggs don’t contribute much to blood cholesterol, which would otherwise be the subject of risks of heart attacks. Furthermore, it’s high in healthy fats and protein, which means that this all-time favorite part of many breakfast dishes will keep you feeling satisfied for extended periods of time. Eggs are also highly rich in nutrients, and having these as part of a regular healthy diet will assist you in getting you all the vitamins and minerals you need. Since it can lengthen the feeling of satiety, you don’t have to worry about binge eating, which, in turn, will help you keep the excess pounds away.

Green Vegetables

It’s an obvious choice to include vegetables in your diet if you want to acquire proper weight loss results. You should add leafy greens like the following: spinach, swiss chards, lettuce, kale, and collards, just to name a few. These green, leafy veggies have several characteristics that make them the ideal choice for a weight loss diet routine. Leafy vegetables are low in both carbohydrates and calories. However, they’re quite high in fiber content. As a result, adding vegetables to your plate will help your digestive system, and also assist in boosting your body’s metabolic functions.


Unless you’re allergic to seafood, you should heavily consider adding salmon to your regular healthy diet for weight loss. Salmon is a tasty fish that’s also very satisfying. Eating this seafood will keep you full for hours, and it also contains loads of nutrients such as healthy fats and high-quality protein. It’s also a rich source of iodine, as with other seafood in general. Iodine is a requirement for the body to properly function, especially for the thyroid gland.

These superfoods are but a few of many ideal choices that you should add to your next grocery shopping list. For more information on how to lose weight in a safe and quick manner, visit the following link: