A beirgarten is actually just  german term for a beer garden. Basically a beirgarten is an outdoor area where beers and food are served. The typical set-up are long tables that are meant to be shared by anyone. It originated in Munich way back in the 19th century and this has been very popular till this day.

If you need a good beirgartens in Washington dc TAKODA restaurant can satisfy your cravings. They got nothing but the best beer selections by the best local brewers in DC. They continuously change their beer line-ups to match any preference. From craft, basic to local brands you name it, TAKODA has a beer for you. Take advantage of their seasonal favorites and upcoming releases before it hits the shelves. If it’s new you taste it first here.

They listen to their customers: There’s a saying that “the best way to provide a good customer service is by listening to your customers and TAKODA has done just that. They listen to their customer better than anybody, especially about a great tasting beer. If you think you have a great beer in mind that they don’t have and can perfectly fit TAKODAs taste. You can be assured that they will consider your comments and suggestions and give your beer suggestion a try on the following months.

Happy Hour: Join them for their Happy hour that starts all night at Mondays and 5-7pm Tuesdays to Fridays for their food and drinks. Experience their 4$, 6$ and 8$ specials that you will surely enjoy. With discounted prices in half for appetizers, entrees, and not to mention beer, wine, and spirits. It’s a guarantee that this is will be a good place to visit every night especially on Mondays. Don’t bother cooking tonight and skip the pizza and Chinese delivery. Grab your car keys and drive to 715 Florida Ave. Northwest for an evening of great food and drinks that is way better than any fast food.

Their beers are to die for: A beirgarten can’t be a beirgarten without great tasting beers. It’s what people come for most of the time and with TADOKA you can definitely satisfy your cravings. No matter what flavor you want, sweet, dry, suave it’s all found here in TADOKA. They pride themselves to have the best-tasting beers around and that is even an understatement. Take a look at all the selections below and these great line up will even be replaced with an even ones the following month. They already got the best-tasting beers around and just when you thought that their beers are better than other beirgartens, it get’s better. All the more reason to come back to TADOKA.

  • The Citizen
  • The Juice
  • Peppercorn
  • Hardwood Single
  • Pikeland Pils
  • Exile Red
  • Golden Ale
  • Steady Eddie
  • Flesh and Blood
  • Truth
  • Chesapeake Common
  • Jack’s Cider
  • Jack’s Dry-Hopped Cider
  • Bourbon Barrel Dark Ale
  • Abbey Ale
  • Black Forest
  • Allagan White
  • Curieux
  • Yonder Cities
  • Grandes Lagos
  • Double Duckpin
  • Infinite
  • Pataskala
  • Oberon
  • Bud Light
  • Miller Light
  • PBR

More than just beers: TADOKA maybe known for their great beers, but if people think that beers are the only thing that’s great in this joint they are about to get blown away. With the variety of Menu from Brunch, catering to dinner. If you want some kick, you can try out their whiskey and cocktails. They got a whole bunch of Whiskey selections from  Bourbon (John Wick’s favorite b the way), Rye, Tennessee, Woodford Reserve Rye and Scotchy Scotchy Scotch. Cocktails won’t be left out either from Spicy Cadillac Margarita, black pearl, Fall From Grace and the Sealbach. The ladies will have no problem blending right in.

If you need a place to hang out, drink, eat good food or have an event TAKODA is a perfect place. It’s a 2 story brick structure that was built from the ground up. It’s the old Federal Life Insurance building, you can’t miss it! Great place, great food, and great drinks too! Check them out and get a reservation now or visit http://www.takodadc.com for more details.