The Langkawi Island is gaining more tourist attraction every year which can be justified by the number of people who visit the island. This island is marked in Kedah state and the ferry travel is most admired by all the tourists who visit Langkawi Island. This island is known for its great beach and rain forest which has Sky Bridge and cable car to enjoy the vacation without any boredom. This Island has many entertainment parks and other shopping malls. The city has great ambience at the entrance itself just like the capital of Malaysia. The Malay food and the hotel hospitality are very great which is on par with every top ten tourist places. The booking for ferry boats are made online and timing are very frequent. You can enjoy the Langkawi sceneries by booking ferry ticket to Langkawi and the travel is just three hours.

For the people who is willing to shop antiques and favorite of Malay, there are plenty of place to shop like

  • Langkawi Parade
  • Cenang Mall
  • Langkawi Fair (Billion Duty Free)
  • Langkawi Saga Supermarket
  • Jetty Point
  • Coco Valley Duty-Free Supermarket
  • Idaman Suri Langkawi Mall

The Island has a great waterfall where you can wet yourself all day. Along with that, you can ride on the sky bridge by enjoying the scenery of the great rain fall forest like Amazon forest in western nations. This has cable car facilities to view the entire forest. The travel from Malaysian capital is available with flight service which is just forty five minutes and it is going to be another air travel with the rest of the tourists. Besides that, you can travel by water through book ferry ticket to Langkawi and enjoy the boat ride. Travelling against the waves is great experience than air travel. Most people are afraid of the safety as more and more boats are announced capsized in water across the globe. But this one has huge safety aspects and less risky than any nations by proven records.


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