Best Group health insurance

SMH insurance is focusing on finding the best insurance for the small business group health insurance plans which are available in Richmond and Virginia. The president of this company is specialized for the health insurance plans which are for small business groups where employees are ranging from 2-50. Since 1991 they are providing group health insurance Virginia to several top companies and that is free of charge. There are no obligations to purchase this plans.

Group health insurance Virginia

There are various insurance plans available for the groups of small business which are coming in various forms. In order to eligible for this coverage, there is a need for at least 2 employees in the business. A group policy will help the employees in buying the health insurance coverage at the low premium rates when you compared this with the individual policies.

Group insurance plans

Below you can find the main types of group insurance plans for the businesses for their employees:

Group insurance plans from HMO

It is a prepaid health plan which is provided by HMO because some policyholders are paying only for some specific types of health services in advance and via monthly premiums. HMO group health insurance policies are very cheaper than other types of group insurance plans. The health care services are very limited. The beneficiaries under this plan are getting only the services from the doctors. The medical facilities they are getting are all included in the list of HMO or in the policy guidelines.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

The health care services which are offered under HMO plans have also given rise to the plans of PPO. Under this insurance plans, the policyholders can enjoy the flexibility of choosing the doctors and the healthcare facilities. Similar to HMO plan, PPO is also having the guideline and the list of the provider of health care. PPO policyholders can opt for using the doctors and the facilities which are included in the preferred list. You should have to be totally aware before taking any medical services from the providers. For some services there are also extra costs are included.

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