How will you keep out burgeoning Trojan horses and viruses, prowling in your cyberspace? There are many programs like adware, spam, malware, spyware, and hackers who are ready to attack your site at the given opportunity. Without knowledge of the internet users, the credit card numbers and passwords will pass on the wrong hands. The security problems have to get addressed urgently, so here are some important tips that will help you out.

First step in protecting your computer is installing the good virus firewall and scanner. Let us face the facts, the Microsoft’s firewall isn’t sufficient. No modem actually comes with the built in antivirus program. Therefore, you need to buy & install one yourself. You can select from many virus firewalls and scanners, most trustworthy are: AVG, Norton, ZoneAlarm and McAfee. ZoneAlarm and AVG are the free software.


The proxy server helps the online security. The best proxysite hides your IP that is unchangeable and even though you wish to. The IP identity must be kept secret. Suppose the cybercriminal accesses it, then he will get your data or use this to your detriment.

So, in this entire process the best proxysite works discreetly. If you are trying to access any link, the browser informs your server in the normal circumstances, whereas the proxy site ensures it gets the information first as well as filters this information. Even though the web server knows your IP, it can be accessing IP of a proxy server. But, proxy server will access your data, thus you must go for the best proxysite which you may rely on.

As Proxy Servers help the Online Security, you must know how setting up one. The faulty setup will lead to the unsafe proxy – thus carefully follow the given steps.

The good & anonymous proxy is best. Internet has many free and paid proxy servers. Whereas paid proxies offer better anonymity, the free proxies also can be opted. You must choose the good and best Proxy Server that can help your security online.

When you have selected the proxy, you have to configure your browser to use this. The process is very different from each browser.

It isn’t enough even when you have completed configuring your internet browser. You can’t forget it. Suppose you’ve opted for the free Proxy, then it will not work after some time. Thus, you must keep eye on proxy, and be secure. You can use Proxy Servers for the security online and this can relieve you from all your worries.

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