The series of sensors which are discussed here is the duct temperature sensors from controls sensors for duct temperature. These devices are providing the precision for sensing the temperature of ducts. This single point duct temperature sensor is utilizing the precision sensor which is encapsulating the 6.35 mm OD. This is 304 series steel probe sensors which are available in various lengths. This probes are providing excellent transfer of heat and is responding very fast to the penetration of moisture.

controls sensors for duct temperature

Application of from controls sensors for duct temperature is given below:

  • This is used for measuring the temperature of return and the supply ducts
  • This can be incorporated in the chillers for monitoring the gradients of temperature
  • This is used as heat exchangers
  • This is also used as units of air handling and is providing the sensing of temperature for controlling the heating and the cooling of the coils

Features of Duct Sensors

  • It is very economical
  • Installation of duck sensors is very easy
  • These sensors are sealed hermetically
  • These sensors are proved to be having the stable and long performance
  • The probes are made up of stainless steel in the 304 series which is resistant to corrosion
  • It is mostly compatible with all the leading BMS systems
  • It is available in the length of 150mm and 300mm which is the standard length
  • There are also Bespoke lengths are also available
  • The IP65 secure enclosure is also present

Duct Sensors in HVAC

This is the advanced sensors which are used in HVAC for measuring the temperature of air which is emitted from the ducts. The reading then again fed back to the control module and then the temperature is set on the air conditioning system. The control module is then used for calculating the delta temperature and then adjusting it according to the HVAC system which is minimizing the difference.

This duct temperature is used for measuring the temperature of air flow in duct areas like boiler rooms, chiller rooms, and plant rooms. This sensor is mostly supplied with the long probe of 150mm and 300mm. This is having the enclosing of IP65 which is a screwed closet and it is used for protecting the sensor from the exposure.

Special length sensors are also available if needed. There is also encapsulated range. For more details and prices you need to call or contact on

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