When the season of a hurricane comes, you need to make sure that you secure your home. Hurricane can bring power outages, flooding, downpours and whipping winds and that’s why you should know about all the ways through which you can protect your house from damage. Shutters can be the best economical option for the windows of your house and here are some shutters among which you can select the best one for your house:

Bahamas Shutters

You can get these shutter blinds online at reasonable prices and they can be a permanent option for your home. At the time of storms, you can lower these shutters down and it will stay secured to the walls.  It can bring the aesthetic look to home and can also provide shade when in open position. You might find that these shutters are weak but if you want the stronger option, then you should only buy the new models. Some people think that these shutters block more light and it can make your rooms look darker even in the days.

Colonial Shutters

These are two-pieced shutters which are attached to walls nearby your home’s window. They can protect the window in the best manner and come in various styles. You can use these shutters as a permanent option for your home. These two-pieced louvered shutters attach to the wall beside each window.  You might need a storm bar for locking some shutters and that’s why you should always check the shutter properly before buying it.


Accordion Shutters

These shutters are basically stored near the windows when not-in-use. They are unfolded in accordion style when the storm comes. These shutters aren’t much stylish and are little bulky but can be used to keep away thieves from your home.

Roll-Down Shutters

These shutters can be attached upon the windows and you can roll up these when not in use. You can choose the manual hand crank lowering model or you can also get the automatic roll down shutters with a button. These shutters are a little bit expensive but provide great protection to your home.

Hurricane Glass

If you are looking for attractiveshutter blinds online, think hurricane glass can be a nice option as these come with strong glass which can withstand the storm. If you are renovating your old home, then you can install this hurricane glass. For all the new buildings, these shutters can work like magic in styling and hurricane protection both.

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