E cigarette is the new arrival in the smoking world. As various advertisements and awareness are being created everyday against the smoking habit, people have got the fear in mind. Though it is good thing, there are some people who are addicted to the smoking habit. They will not mind about these awareness programs. But the thing that we should notice in this is smoking the tobacco contented nicotine cigarettes are the one that are injurious to health. There is an alternative way to smoke such cigarettes but are not harmful as such cigarettes. And they are e-cigarettes which is the new arrival as I mentioned above. Let us focus on the details that are interesting about the e-cigs in this article.

What are e-cigs?

E-cigs are the electronic device that could allow you to smoke in a safe way. In e-cigs, a cartridge will be built in which the e-liquid will be filled. These e juice are vaporized with the help of the vaporizer and them releases the smoke. The smoke will be inhaled by us.  e- Liquid is available in various flavors such as fruit flavor, green apple, herbs, etc. we can buy any of the flavor that we like. The flavors in the liquid will blend with the smoke that is produced and give an aromatic as well as a sweet flavoring smell; this could improve the experience of smoking and are harmless. The e-liquid consists of less amount of tobacco content along with the flavoring agents that are added in it.

How to use this e-cig?

This e-cigs can be operated with the help of a button that is given on it. When it is pressed the liquid will be vaporized and produce the required smoke for us. Moreover the device is run with the help of the batter and the battery is rechargeable. You can charge whenever the charge goes down. You can also buy the battery separately and keep it as an alternative one. This could help you in the urgent times when you are at travel or when there is no power to charge the battery at any time you need.

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