Most of the men in the world who are above the age of 30 don’t enjoy sexual intercourse with their wives since they are not interested in it anymore. Other men usually have erectile dysfunction; this caught the attention of scientist who wanted to dig into the matter and found out that most of the men who are above the age of 30 lose or the production of the testosterone hormone at the rate of one percent per year. This hormone is responsible for sexual stimulation and thus its absence in the body causes the loss of sexual interest. How will you know that the level of testosterone in your body has reduced? Here are the sign and symptoms of testosterone low level.


The low level of testosterone hormone in your body because it has signs that are unique to your body and they include:

  • You will start losing libido commonly known as sex drive and you will see you don’t need it at all.
  • You will be experiencing fatigue in your muscles because of low production of energy in your body that results from a loss of testosterone hormone.
  • You will start losing your muscles as a result of low production of the small amount of energy which doesn’t satisfy the muscle requirement of more energy thus are burnt by the accumulation of the lactic acid in them.
  • Your weight will start increasing because the body is not producing enough energy that will be used to break down excess fats to produce energy, instead, are stored under the skin.
  • Also, erectile dysfunction will be a common problem to you when the levels of testosterone in your body are low.
  • You will also start losing your memory since the brain requires more energy to perform its function well. You will start forgetting things easily.
  • Since you will be unable to perform other sensitive tasks such as conjugal rights to your partner you will be stressed deeply every because also sex reduces stress.
  • you will also be losing your hair frequently
  • And lastly, you will be having sleeping apnea.

These are some of the main symptoms of this disease but there are many other symptoms that are not covered, so if you suspect that is the problem even though you are not having the signs that we have mentioned above, visit us and we will examine you and solve the problem.


Our clinic at pinnacle men’s health care at Jacksonville we do testosterone replacement therapy Florida. We have experienced staff who are able to monitor each step of therapy to make sure everything goes on well and it is replaced which will solve your problem forever and make you enjoy life again. Don’t let your low level of testosterone disturb you visit us today and we will perform the testosterone replacement therapy in Florida and make your life normal again and pleasurable.

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