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Since summer is fast approaching it is totally the season for blockbuster movies to come out, and it is pretty easy to get sensory overload at this time of the year because big-budget movies are coming thick and very fast, and each of them are trying to overwhelm you into opening your wallet, and the more movies you watch, the more you become hooked up with trailers that you are going to see on the big screen.

watch couchtuner

So, is it entirely possible to tell just from the trailer that a movie is going to suck? A lot of people believe it will, and putting those minutes before the movie you came to see can be a good use by gathering all the crucial clues and the Easter eggs in the trailer can help you avoid wasting your money when it hits the big screen, and to help you out, here are some handy guide of becoming a critic of movie trailers.

Trailers are essentially good at deception because it often carries the cherry-picked scenes of the movie to make it totally look great by also using great music and other deceptive tricks to make the films look a lot cooler than they really are when you watch the entire movie and usually, they use scenes that are not actually in the movie which is totally disappointing. The people behind these things are often good at their jobs than the people who create the actual movies.

Below are some of the telltale signs that the movie will totally suck based on its trailer:

  • No dialogue- Regardless of the movie and how terrible it is can string together some few shots of people staring into the camera without any words coming out from their mouths while there are tons of things happening around them, however, if they cannot find even one scene where someone there opens their mouth and speaks, without looking very ridiculous, there you have a problem there.
  • Dumb jokes- You can tell that the movie is going to suck if there are tons of unwanted jokes especially if the movie is not about comedy. You might get irked if someone in the trailer drops a joke and the entire movie is about horror. Well, that is one good sign that you should not watch it when it hits the big screen because it tells you that it has a bad dialogue.
  • Cheesy dialogue- The majority of blockbuster movies have its own iconic one-liners, quotes, and other dialogues that makes it great, however, saying something that is uber-dramatic lines in a scene which is totally not fit to say it is also a telltale sign that the trailer tells that the movie is going to suck.
  • Scenes from the final reel- If you can tell that the majority of the good stuff in the trailer is from the final minutes of the movie, then it is probably a sign that it is completely uninteresting to watch the first and second parts of the movie obviously.
  • The entire movie is shown in the trailer- The trailer gives away the whole movie which is totally bad because bad movies have a way to telegraph itself to draw people from watching it. If the trailer spills every single plot point in the entire movie, it shows the lack of confidence of the people who made the movie because they made a trailer that summarizes everything under three minutes.

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