Science is affiliated with almost every work in the human life and it leads us to find new and innovative things what we have in our lives today. Though the number of products we know and use nowadays, there are lot of products and importance that we never know before. Have you heard about this Fullerene in your life? If not, just spend few more minutes to this context to know more about it. This Fullerene is very common in the scientific world and it is nothing but a carbon molecule. It has been used for many different purposes in the scientific world. This fullerene is the pure carbon which has sixty atoms in it. This is also called as buckyballs and this has been applied in different applications for doing more innovative scientific works. Here is the company which is so-called MST is giving the quality fullerene products and that derivatives for the affordable prices. The fullerene based products which are produced by this source has been implemented in many way. So, hit this source to know more about this company and fullerenes products.


Complete history of fullerenes

The fullerene is the pure carbon which consisted of 60 atoms in it. This product has applied in various fields. This carbon is in many different forms and that are listed below.

  • Hollow sphere
  • Tube
  • Ellipsoid

The fullerene is the spherical form is called as bucky-ball and it is referred as nano tube or bucky tube if it is in the form of cylindrical form. Here, the complete history of this carbon is listed below.

history of fullerene carbon

This fullerene pure carbon has found by the Richard smalley, Harold Kroto, james heath and Sean O’brien in the year of 1985 at university of Rice.

The 1st fullerene has found in the name of buckminsterfullerene. The Robert curl has got the Nobel price in the year of 1996 to found this fullerene.

The structure of this fullerene is similar to graphite. They should contain the pentagonal rings unless they are cylindrical.

These are the complete history details of this fullerene carbon. If you are looking for the Fullerenes carbon products, approach the MST Company to get this product.


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