What about your dream car or bike rocking the asphalt and the tires are shining just for the tire penz marker color? Isn’t it sounds great? Yes of course it is. You can now add some interesting paint in your car and break the monotony. The Tire Penz’s white letter tire paint is just about to take the appetite of your riding passion to another level.

About us
Tire penz is such a company which comes up with this thrilling idea after long laborious research process. Initially, the road was a bit tough, after getting a lot of lesson from different problems like red paint turning into pinkish color and white color getting faded away in sunlight; we bring a confident product to the passionate lover.

dream car or bike rocking

About white letter tire paint

The white letter tire paint marker comes with a broad opaque nib. It can paint a new tire approx 4 times and in the case of an old tire, it can paint about 33 times. The metal body of the pen provides superb durability, dries faster and the oil-based ink is superb for smooth writing. The waterproof nature and anti-fade technology make the product amazing. The color remains same after long use. Other than white red tire paint also available for the customers. Assured quality is our USP

clean the tire completely with soap and water, and scuff the place well where the paint going to be applied. Now shake the marker well before use. After this gently depress the marker and the ink will start to flow. Apply as you wish and keep it 12 hours to dry. Just before the t paints get fully dried apply some reflecting powder to turn it more shining.

Pro Tips
It is highly recommended that not to wipe out the tires own color, as the color helps to keep away the dirt gathered during rolling. For the wash of chemical coating of the tire use a scouring pad or wire brush. In case the marker gets dried, we provide extra one with the tire penz reflecting kit. The white paint can make the tire more premiums if it’s applied on the grooves and sidelines. The instructions, in this case, are same as above.

So get ready to bring the retro black and white with white letter tire paint and get ready to ramble the road.

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