It must be recognized, a good action movie that everyone likes. Nothing better than seeing a lot of explosions to be speechless in front of the screen and enjoy some popcorn. If you are thinking about this plan, we leave you a list of 10 great action movies.Visit to watch movies.

The Rock

The Rock begins with the capture of 81 hostages during a visit to the legendary Alcatraz Prison by elite military personnel declared in rebellion, commanded by United States Marine Corps General Ed Harris.

Under the threat of 15 missiles loaded with the nerve agent Vx, the Government will leave the lives of the more than 800,000 citizens of San Francisco in the hands of an official of the chemical weapons laboratory of the FBI and the only man who in the past was able to escape alive from Alcatraz.Go to to watch movies.



Arnold Schwarzenegger, 3 years after reaching stardom thanks to Terminator , he launches into the Central American jungle with his team to rescue a hostage.

While the team is carrying out the mission, they will be stalked by an “shy” extraterrestrial:  Predator.

The film resulted in two sequels, in addition to creating its own universe of comics, merchandising and video games. Much of this success is due to his “extramarital” union with Alien, another of the most famous xenomorphs in film history.

The film, like many others, generated numerous imitations that tried to take advantage of success despite the first negative reviews. The film was directed by JohnMcTiernan , director who a year later would direct The Crystal Jungle.

The dark knight

The Christopher Nolan trilogy cannot be understood as separate stories, since the story arc emerges from one another. It has the exact doses of action, epic dialogues about the existence of Batman and his enemies and incredible fighting scenes.

The first film is about the origin of Bruce Wayne’s obsession, the true need for his duality as the tormented hero Batman and the irreverent carefree playboy. But the one that will remain forever burned in the collective imaginary is The Dark Knight , which for many, in addition to one of the 10 best action movies in history is the best superhero movie ever filmed.

All this thanks to the incredible performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker, a character for which the Oscar took the best posthumous cast actor.

Beyond a sublime direction, some charismatic interpretations and an almost perfect sense of rhythm, Christopher Nolan’s film stands out for an excellent photograph that accompanies action scenes that will leave more than one mouth open.


Michael Mann directs this police movie reference of most robbery movies to later banks.

In fact, the scene of the bank robbery, the persecution and the shooting in the city of Los Angeles between police and robbers that appears in Heat  was considered, according to the words of  USA Today,  as ” the most shocking action scene of the last years . “

This is the first film that united stars of the stature of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino after The Godfather II, more than enough reason for the film to be a resounding success of critics and audiences.

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