baba pandey seo expert nepal website

With so much competition in the online market where every website wants to be on the top and their publicity is of the primary importance, the work of search engine optimization swoops in. This SEO is what everyone needs to get the popularity and the publicity they need on their page. It works majorly to help gain trafficking on the page and appear in the top 10 organic search results when you search for something. The organic search result is the search result minus the advertisements that appear on the first page of the search engine. Higher the one on the list more is the popularity as people tend to opt for the first pages.

baba pandey seo expert nepal website

Digital Marketing Companies

There are digital marketing companies that help in this. They use various methods and unique techniques that help in garnering the trafficking on the site that one needs and thereby gain popularity. In Nepal, too there are many such companies which are gaining immense business in this field. But among all of them, Baba Pandey is a famous name who has phenomenal SEO skills and enormous experience in his work. He uses techniques which are unique and give the best results. He is superbly enthusiastic about his work and works with zeal.

 The widely used techniques

There are a huge number of SEO techniques that are used. To know about the most famous and majorly used,see this here.

  • Using a small URL will surely help in gathering traffic This helps as it hints at the content that the page contains. If the URL is long and elaborate with numerous signs and coded words, it is difficult for the user to know whether it is worthy for them or not and sometimes might even avoid it.
  • Incorporating the keyword in the URL is one of the major techniques that gets endless positive results. The reason remains the same. People know it from the URL what is the link and they deem it useful from there itself and prefer such sites.
  • Linking to an authoritative website is also one of the hit techniques. This increases the number of users of the sites.
  • Since people have the tendency to glance through the headings first in order to find out what matter it contains and decide whether to stay there any longer or not. It is advisory to have keywords in the headlines.

These are some of the most commonly used techniques, Baba Pandey of Nepal has the most unique techniques which are unheard of and have immense appreciable results.

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