High altitude training has become quite popular among the elite as well as professional athletes. If the sport that you play involves running, muscle strength and respiratory endurance, high altitude training is highly recommended for you. However, not all athletes are suggested to do. If you have asthma related issues, it is always good to consult doctors before undergoing such intense training session. For such training, you need a good instructor. Additionally, you would also require high altitude training mask. Benefits of high altitude training and functions of elevation mask will be discussed in the following section.

Advantages of Elevation Training

Elevation training or high altitude training is considered as highly beneficial for a few specific reasons. Check out those benefits below:

  • This training increases muscle strength by supplying maximum oxygen level to the body cells. Due to high supply of oxygen, muscles become more active. Body endurance will also increase against lactic acid.
  • Altitude training increases generation of red blood cells, which carry the oxygen in the blood stream. As a result of increased generation of red blood cells, body becomes more enduring against fatigue.
  • Overall stamina, ability, agility, muscle flexibility and breathing power increases for the athletes due to elevation training.

Using Altitude Training Mask

Using high altitude training mask is always recommended to those, who want to under elevation training. For altitude training, ideal altitude is 3000 Meters. At this altitude, air quality remains thinner. In other words, percentage of oxygen in the air remains lesser. Due to low percentage of oxygen in the air, breathing becomes a little difficult at the beginning. But, constant training and getting adopted with such environment situation helps to increase oxygen intake power of lung. Now, the question is why should you use the elevation training mask?

Basically, the elevation mask helps in increasing inspiratory muscle strength endurance capacity of the human beings. As a result, athletes do not face out of breathing or fatigue issues on the field. Nevertheless, training mask has been found to have some psychological advantages on the athletes. It makes you feel safe and motivate you to work hard.

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