The military diet lasts three days and can make you lose up to five kilos if you follow it to the letter. The secret is to eat smaller and healthier portions. Some of the foods that are completely eliminated are white bread, sweets and soft drinks. If you want to get rid of more weight, you can repeat it after four days of rest.

Although some people advocate this diet because it offers immediate results, the reality is that it has too many disadvantages. The menu is inflexible, we are not given change options, there is no energy balance and the nutritional value is not present at any time. In addition, the quantities are reduced and we will suffer. If you get the name you have it is because it is a test of effort, strength, to see if our body is able to cope with one of the most aggressive situations with which it has been found. As if the military were training in the rain as they slip through the mud. It is not something that anyone is thinking of doing to their body of their own free will, so we recommend not to do it, much less if we are pregnant.

military diet


Another miracle diet

This is still another miracle diet that we have talked about before and are attracting more and more people. Before starting a miracle diet you must take into account the side effects and impacts that your health will so drastically reduce your food intake. The rebound effect is one of the most common factors in gaining weight so quickly after thinning and is often closely related to this type of diet. In this case what happens is that the organism is designed to replace all that it loses. The real problem arises when the loss of calories and muscle mass is abrupt. This translates to the body as an order to quickly cover missing resources whatever. As renewing muscles is a complicated process,

It is also important to emphasize that following these diets for a long time could generate serious health problems due to the severe restriction of nutrients essential for the body. Not to mention that it is not advisable that people of advanced age, children, pregnant or lactating women use this method to lose weight. When doubting whether or not to opt for a military diet it is best to go to a specialist who can guide us to know what is best for us when it comes to losing weight.


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