In large companies, it is difficult to track every employee who comes in and clocks out. Manually signing into the registry or reporting to the Human Resource department would be a time waste and human errors as well as discrepancies would creep in. This problem had to be solved so that maximum man hours could be clocked and people would be paid exactly the time they put into work.

What the new system would put a stop to

  • Forgetfulness by the employees to sign in.
  • Dishonesty by putting in the wrong timings.
  • Illegible entry by the worker or who fills in the details.

This tracking system is online and very efficient and hardly needs human intervention.this method also helps us for

  • Gives an accurate record of the employees clocking hours.
  • The projects they have been working on.
  • The tasks they have been given to handle.
  • The jobs they have to do.

The best part of putting this system in any company is, you could track anyone working real time. The employees themselves can see the number of hours they have put in. With so many employees in the fold and keeping track of

Time Clock Hub

  • Sick leaves
  • Vacation
  • Personal leaves
  • Paid time off
  • Overtime
  • Reimbursements
  • Including uploaded receipts


These now needed not be handled manually and they are calculated for you and the employee can also see that they not being short charged. They can also have look at the number of leaves they have used up, or the amount of overtime they have put in. The best part of the system, it is put in a easy format and can be got in a standard employee payout.

It can create help create employee schedules which are quite time consuming if done manually. With this system in place all this can be managed with any number of employees and guaranteed efficiency. The best part of this system, the employee is in the loop or know of things wherein he/she can always be sure that there is accuracy in all that hard work put in and none of it gets unnoticed. The features can be rescheduled for the next time period.

The special feature of this system is that changes are immediately reflected in the system and both the employee and employer are in the knowhow. If you want a leave, a request sent to the manager if approved is mentioned in your time off immediately with the notification or if not granted that is also mentioned



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