tree surveys

Our resources are very valuable and precious. Conservation of our natural resources has actually become the big priority for organizations and people who are working towards preserving & protecting them. Some trees species have become very sparse of late because of over harvesting; and protecting them has actually become a top priority. Due to this, anybody looking to clear and study forested land may likely have to obtain the forestry and tree survey before you start any project.

What is it?

The forestry tree surveys take the data and measurements on types of trees at forested area, and where they are located, how big they are, age, and more. Essentially, it is an assessment of the forested area. The topographical data can be collected as well.

Why Do I Need To Do?

If your project land just has some scattered trees, you likely do not need the tree survey. However, if the project engages clearing out the section of the forested area, then you must order the forestry survey for your property. Like stated, the main reasons for performing the forestry survey is assessing what kinds of trees are there in forest. Some kinds of trees have to get protected by law, thus knowing what is on your property can help you to know if there’re any trees you have to avoid cutting and that you will have to replace.

tree surveysAdditionally, tree survey will point out some hazards. For instance, tree will fall any moment (particularly when there is the strong wind and foul weather) because of fungal decay. In such case, it’s good to have tree removed and these are some safety aspects that have to be right taken care.

Generally, the comprehensive tree survey can give you the good sense on what is on the particular land piece. Sound decisions then can be made in best interests of parties, which include relevant authorities. Surveys must be conducted by the qualified and trained arboriculturalist. They can present this information in the simple to understand way. All trees are tagged with some special tags & numbers.

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